YARD is a workflow tool for reviewing and enhancing research outputs before publication.

Enables open access to research materials that have been fully reviewed, well documented, and enhanced for long-term reuse.

Generates high quality data packages that are repository-agnostic.

Connects researchers, curators, and publishers through a single pipeline to advance research reproducibility, transparency, and long-term use.

YARD helps manage the data curation and code review workflow by,

  • Creating high quality data packages that are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).
  • Viewing and tracking all curation tasks for easy administration via dashboard.
  • Integrating metadata production with data curation and code review.
  • Versioning all metadata and files.
  • Pushing high quality data packages seamlessly into a data repository.

YARD development

The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) at Yale University and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) partnered with Colectica to develop a software platform that structures the data curation workflow.

Yale ISPS Innovations for Poverty Action Colectica Yale University Library

The Yale Application for Research Data is an open-source web application. YARD was developed using Colectica’s curation tool which relies on the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI Lifecycle 3.2) schema for social science metadata information and is hosted at Yale. The application combines several open source components and is available on GitHub. It is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (GPL) v3.0.

YARD is deployed on Yale infrastructure. Technical support is provided by Yale University Library Digital Scholarship Services, Yale Library Information Technology, and Yale Information Technology Services.

Click on the link below for background on the YARD project.

More information

For general questions about the YARD open source code and how it could be adapted to feed into other archives and repositories and enhanced to integrate with other applications, contact Colectica at https://www.colectica.com/support.

For questions about the ISPS Data Archive, contact ISPS at isps@yale.edu.

For questions about YARD implementation at Yale, contact Roger Desravines Jr. at ITS Faculty Support.